Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Looking for a home

Yesterday we had a sweet visitor come into our office to hang out. This tiny little kitten came in and wouldn't leave. We fed it some milk and loved on it. I had been begging Kelvin for a cat after I fell in love with the cats my brother recently got. Kelvin declared that this was the cat we were going to take. We kept her in the office all day. I locked her in there as we went for lunch expecting that she would be scratching at the door to get out by the time we got back. To our surprise, she had made herself at home and was fast asleep on our chair. She came in looking for a home, like most people who come into our office, so we decided to give her one. 

Of course I took her to the vet first because she is a street cat in Kongowea. Who knows what kind of yucky things she could be carrying. The vet was impressed how clean she was for being a slum cat. She's about 2 months old and we called her Neema. Kelvin has warmed up to her already (as cats for pets is not something many Kenyans consider). He refuses to let her sleep with us; that's too much for him. But so far she has been easy peasy. No noise, no mess, no fuss. She is not super needy and seems pretty content. Perfect cat for the Opiyos. 
She is definitely a mixture of many colours. 

Kelvin told some kids he would pay them to fill a bucket of sand for her kitty litter. Once they were done he turned into a drill Sargent and told them all to line up nicely from shortest to tallest. They were very obedient. He then handed them each 5 shillings (about 7cents) and they ran away with big smiles. 

So Neema and I have been hanging out today. She's been chillaxin' as I have cleaned the house. We had a little nap together. And she even watched Joyce Meyer's sermon with me this morning! Good kitty!

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