Monday, January 18, 2010

5am jogging

I am in day 2 of Bible boot camp. Yes, this is not just bible school; it is combined with a boot camp. Day 1 was great but by the end of the day I was exhausted. As I sit here it is 6:08am. I ran under the stars at 5 this morning. It was difficult to get up this morning but when I walked outside and saw the bright stars in the sky, I was in awe. I know that this early morning will catch up to me later in the day.

Our schedule is strict. The only time I can get on the computer is about 6:30-7:00am as the rest of the day is full. I am busy learning scriptures everyday as they are expecting us to recite 60 scriptures at the end of the course. My poor mzungu (white person) hands are blistered and bruised today after pulling weeds in the field for 3 hours. We had our first class yesterday morning and I loved it. I loved that my textbook just happens to be my favourite book in the world. This morning we have our first quiz on what we learned yesterday.

The only free time we have is on Saturday afternoons so that’s when I plan to catch up on sleep, laundry and emails.

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  1. Hey nice view! Man what a schedule! Good on you Nikole! We're all proud of you and our hears go with you....