Sunday, January 10, 2010


Saying goodbye is torture. I feel bad that I have put my parents through it 4 times now. It never gets easier either. I think now they are bit more at ease with me going away since they trust that I can take care of myself and now my dad has seen where I go so he understands as well. But in saying that, the waterworks still fall heavy on the departure day. I was doing really well up until I had to say goodbye to my brother before we left for Spokane. I am balling my eyes out and he smiles at me!? And the last thing he says to me is, “good thing my sweater is almost waterproof.” I do love my brother. He did sort of fake run after me when we drove out of the driveway.

Our trip to Spokane was tense. The three of us were anticipating the final goodbyes at the airport the entire time. I didn’t eat much and dad was in a daze. Mom had tears in her eyes every few seconds. It’s awful. So most of the time it’s a big relief when I go through the security check and there is no turning back.

This picture is really embarrassing but I thought it was hilarious and needed to share it!

3 planes later, I landed in Albany, New York. My baggage didn’t quite make it and arrived a day late. The flights were all delayed so I arrived quite late at night. My connections were short and I found myself dashing through airports that I have never been too trying to locate my gate before my plane left. I did stop to take a picture of the Chicago airport though. It had this crazy underground tunnel with bright lights and multi-coloured walls. So cool!

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