Monday, January 11, 2010

Someone to eat with

I came to New York knowing that I would know absolutely no one here. I am pretty used to being independent and having to make friends wherever I go but this place has presented a new challenge for me: someone to sit with during meal times. You see, this is a dorm school and has a cafeteria where everyone comes and eats during certain times of the day. Now, not knowing anyone, it’s hard to find someone to sit with at meal times. I find myself looking for my roommates or some familiar face that I can plunk my plate down beside. The first couple of days I was intimidated but now things are getting better.

Today I had two familiar faces come to the school just to have lunch with me. We had a wonderful time getting to know each other better and laughing about our various adventures in other cultures. They are two people who are helping me with all the details and logistics of my trip. After the meal, they expressed to me how proud of me they were. I am sort of a guinea pig I guess. I am the first person in their program to come to New York for a few days so they don’t necessarily know what to do with me at most times of the day. They are going to try to get the people that are going through their program to come to New York to do somewhat of an orientation before they go on their trips but they haven’t figured out all the details yet. So I am the first one ever. And I am ok with that. I find that my experiences in Africa have helped me to adapt to these situations. I often find myself completely content waiting for someone or not having anything to do. I find that I can interact quite well with the people around me.

So tonight I had the privilege of eating with a couple of my roommates. We were all up in the dorm and decided to go down together to eat. They saved me a seat and everything! I am starting to bond quite well with them and the dorm life is becoming more comfortable for me. They are also being very hospitable and adjusting to my early bedtimes. I am sure it’s not so easy for them either to have a new roomy. So I have to admit, I might miss them just a little when a leave on Wednesday.

BY THE WAY, in less than 3 days I will be in Nairobi! Isn’t that exciting!?? 

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