Saturday, January 16, 2010

Big Bugs

Last night I was in the bug squishin’ business. I was sitting in my room and everywhere I looked I seemed to see huge bugs crawling across the floor or flying in the air. Tiny cricket-like bugs were crawling around in my bathroom. They weren’t scared of me either. I would stomp my feet at them hoping they would scurry away but they just kept coming so I would kick them. I found a great big beetle stomping it’s way under my bed. I quickly scooped it up and chucked it out the window. I had mercy on the poor fella and spared his life but this guy wasn’t so lucky.

I always felt bad for this bug. I thought God gave him too big of a body for his tiny wings. When he flies around, he sounds like a mini airplane. He is so loud. The kids in Eldoret showed me that he isn’t the smartest of the insect kingdom either. They used to catch these big flies, roll them around in their hands like dice and then let them go. The bug would fly up and down and all around in circles and loops. It was pretty funny.

Today is a beautiful Sunday. I am excited to go to church this morning and hear all the singing and hymns. Here is a picture of my backyard. If you look to the right you can see my dorm room where I will be living the next 4 months. The rest of the campus is behind there. It’s a beautiful place.

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