Sunday, January 10, 2010

Girls Dorm

I have been placed in a girls dorm.

I never realized how much I disliked dorms.

When I went to school I rented out a basement suite and had a roommate. We each had our own rooms, our own space, and it worked out well. I never had to worry about sleeping on a bunk bed or sharing a bathroom with 8 other people. I could turn out my lights whenever I wanted to sleep and wake up when I decided to. I could eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I could play my music loud. I could throw my stuff all over the room or I could keep my room really tidy.

But this dorm experience is challenging me. I have to admit that I don’t find it very comfortable or appealing. Most of my friends loved dorm life and I just don’t get why. It’s not that I don’t like the girls I am with. They are so warm and welcoming and fun to be around. I think I just like my space. I rejuvenate when I am alone and its quiet and I can be in control of my surroundings. Maybe that’s it; I don’t like not having control. I don’t like being unsettled and living out of a suitcase.

I’m humbled as I realize how crabby I can get in uncomfortable situations. I sort of thought that I have great adaptability skills since I have lived in Africa and all but I was wrong. I need to recall all the other uncomfortable situations I have been in and how, in the end, they turned out to be some of the biggest learning times of my life. How am supposed to grow if I am not pushed beyond my limits? One thing I like is that in these times, I am forced to lean more on my heavenly Father. The One who is always with me, my Comforter, my Prince of peace.

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