Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Date in Malindi

Now that they league is over, Kelvin and I decided to take a day off and just hang out together. I have been wanting to take a day trip to Malindi, which is a small tourist town about 160km north of Mombasa. So we woke up early and went to my favourite joint for a delicious breakfast mbazi and mahambri and then got a matatu to Malindi.

This town is so cute! Many Italians have settled here so there are lots of pizzerias and gelato shops. We had lunch at a fancy italian restaurant and sat amongst tons of italian expats drinking sparkling water and speaking the language of love. I find it so interesting how a certain people group can really overtake an area and create there own little community. It's like they have taken their culture and made a little italy on the coast of East Africa. As I watched them, I couldn't help wonder what they do and how they got here. I wish I could have just gone up and asked them but I figured that would be rude. 

Anyways, Kelvin and I enjoyed the tiny town and all it had to offer. We didn't have an agenda so we just roamed around as we wished. It was so nice just to have some time for the two of us when so much of our lives involves other people. Thank you Jesus for such a precious day with my loved one!

In Malindi, you have to tuk tuk everywhere. It's just the thing to do.

We decided to go to see a historical pillar at the beach. It was kelvin's idea as I am not into this sort of sight seeing. I only went along because it was at the beach and we coaxed the guy at the front to give me a resident rate. 

A dead crab.

Beautiful Indian Ocean

This is the Pillar we went to see. After reading the little blurb about it and having Kelvin explain it to me, I still didn't understand what it meant. To me it was just a slab of cement. It has something to do with portugese and trading with muslims and a king. I dont know. But it made for a good place to sit at and enjoy the view. 

We explored the little caves on the shore. 

I have never seen a plant like this. At first I though it was painted but I saw a whole bunch of other ones like it. How cool! God is so creative. 

Yummy Italian gelato to finish off our day. 

The ride home was scrumptious. The sun was setting as kids were going home and people were moving up and about. We passed huge crops of sisal as the sun slipped behind the horizon. 

Thanks Jesus! 

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