Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kenya running on empty

Kenya is experiencing a major fuel shortage. For the past 3 days, petrol stations around the country have run completely dry of fuel. It has caused chaos in the major cities, especially Nairobi, where people heading to work lined up in cues for hours just to get a few drops to get them around for the day. People even got out of their cars with  jerry cans and lined up at the gas pumps. Tempers were high and emotions were running wild. Traffic was backed up all over the cities. No fuel at all.

I haven't personally seen it. I haven't travelled too far from my house the past few days but I am told that parts of Mombasa are experiencing the same.

The big questions is where is the fuel? There have been confirmed reports that there is indeed fuel in Kenya. Lots of fuel in Kenya. So why isn't it getting to the pumps.

No one really knows the reason. People are blaming the government, the fuel companies, and the other big wigs involved. There are claims that they are hoarding it in order to make prices go higher. Some are saying there is a miscommunication between the people at the top. Whatever the reason, Kenyans are suffering. Big time.

It is so hard to see the small people getting hurt because of the big people's actions. It's the local people who are continuing to suffer while the big people continue to control everything. Kenyans are crying out for justice. Kenyans are crying out for leaders who actually care about them. But nothing seems to be happening.

Anyways, as I watched the news this morning, my heart sank. Kenya, you are in my prayers.

here is an article about the fuel shortage in today's paper if you are interested.

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