Monday, May 2, 2011

An extra few shillings here, there, and everywhere

In the past week or so, the cost of living in Kenya has increased. And it is hitting Kenyans hard.

Recently, public transportation increased their rates by 10 or 20 shillings to all destinations. My preferred minced meat package in the supermarket has gone up to 180KES from 160KES. Our favourite restaurant increased all its prices last week and we used to go there because the food was so cheap. Gas is now as expensive as it is in Canada. On the news yesterday, I heard that the government is trying to increase minimum wage but that is proving to be difficult. Even if minimum wage is increased, there are still thousands of people who are exploited and are paid significantly less than minimum wage.

Even for me, the white person, the increased cost in living has made me reach deeper into my pockets just to live.

I can't even imagine how the average Kenyan is struggling. I think it is particularly hard because everything is becoming more expensive so fast. It is not a gradual increase and its not just in one commodity but in almost every aspect of life here.

The government is feeling the pressure and has started to reduce the costs of some things but it is not nearly enough to make any impact.

I guess I am asking you to keep Kenyans in your prayers. Pray that even their most basic needs will be met. Pray that their hearts would draw closer to God through all this.

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