Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend games, rain or shine

This weekend we were able to take the boys out and play a few friendly matches with some local teams. The first team we played was actually the team that won our league. I think they had really wished they played us in the final since we are 'the team to beat' in the area. So we travelled to their pitch to play a quick match. They quickly scored two goals, but then one of our players stepped up his game and tied the game. It was a 2-2 final. At the end of the match, all the boys were seen laughing, hugging and shaking the hands of the other team. 

It has been raining in Mombasa! Usually it pours at night and then showers on and off during the day. I think people are surprised because this type of weather is not typical for this time of year in Mombasa. I don't think this much rain is typical in general. I am totally enjoying it though. I love waking up to the sound of rain. I love making myself a nice cup of tea and reading a book as the rain pours down outside. As the boys played, it sprinkled a little bit creating this incredible rainbow. 

On Saturday we headed south coast to Word of Life. We had about 20 boys and they all squished together in one matatu (which is suppose to have only 14 passengers). We cracked up as listening to them pick on each other in the back. They were sitting on top of each other, some were standing. It was a hoot. I am pretty sure they enjoyed the trip to and from south coast more than actually playing the game. Some of them had never been to south coast even though they have lived in Mombasa their entire lives.They were amazed at the simplest of things. They kept saying, "Hey, check out the mangoes" or "Look, at that tree" or "see that wedding?"

 FYI, to get to south coast you have to cross a small ferry from Mombasa and then it is about 25km towards the tanzanian boarder. 
It was a nice trip for me too. I got to see my two German friends, Alena and Kathrine, who are working at Word of Life. We got to catch up with all that is going on in our lives. Totally love these girls!

You can't see the rain but it was pouring at this moment which made for the most majestic scene. I couldn't think of a better place to be than standing under a mango tree watching the sun set and the rain pour down while our boys played soccer. 

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