Thursday, May 26, 2011

To put things into perspective...

I have noticed recently that when I translate what we spend on basic things in Canada into what it can buy in Kenya, people's perspectives tend to change. I have gotten countless comments over the past two days after I posted on my Facebook status, "One grande Starbucks soy latte can buy one of my boys 3 full meals a day." Even people who I don't know nor are my friends on Facebook have put this as their status and put a link to our website. Social media is amazing.

So yesterday, as there was no power all day, I made a list of other comparisons. Here is goes:

$5 can buy one Starbucks latte or 3 full meals a day for one of my boys.

$10 can buy one rental movie or capital for one of our boys to start a small business

$20 can buy 3 steaks from extra foods or a new ball for our team

$27 can buy a nice bottle of wine or register a boy for a Kenyan birth certificate which, without it, he can't access his rights as a Kenya.

$35 can buy some appies with your girlfriends or pay one month's tuition for our goalkeeper who wants to do art and design school.

$50 can buy 3 new books from chapter or a package of maize flour for all 24 of our boys. The package will feed them for a week.

$100 pays for one monthly iPhone bill or driving school in Kenya and the chance to be a professional driver.

$170 buys a new pair of good running shoes or 10 pairs of cleats.

$400 can buy a brand new iPod or pays for us to run a soccer league in Kongowea which impacts an entire community.

Amazing how far our money can go if we give up just a couple simple luxuries. If you think that you can give up one of these things and donate the money to our boys, we would be so appreciative.

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