Saturday, May 7, 2011


At 4:30 this afternoon, the two final teams will battle it out for first place in the Rehma Football League.

I can't believe it is almost over! These have been a fun and exciting couple of months watching football in Kongowea. This week, Kelvin and I spent a lot of time just reflecting on all that has happened. One of our biggest prayers was that God would be glorified in might ways. At times I pondered whether we were doing things right. I wanted people so desperately to know God and all we seemed to be doing was playing soccer. Although I knew that I didn't want to make it a crusade or throw bibles at people in the crowds. So we left it in God's hands. We knew He had laid it on our hearts to do and that our labour would not be in vain.

As we just talked about the community, the various people involved, and our boys, we were so amazed at the way God has moved amongst the people here. I wish I could share every little detail with you of the amazing ways we are seeing hearts turn to God but due to security, I can't. I believe people have been really challenged by the God that they see us serving. So cool!

So the finals are today. Sadly our boys didn't make it but they did win 3rd place yesterday in a really fun game. They played their little hearts out in the 2nd half scoring 4 goals. Actually 1 of the goals was scored by the other team who headed the ball into their own net. The other 3 goals were scored by one of our players, Zedim who was on fire. We were all amazed as we had never seen him play like that. The best part for me was seeing his huge smile after he scored all his goals.

Once we were up a couple goals, Kelvin gave the boys permission to do what they wanted. Soon all the boys were showing off their fancy footwork and sweet tricks. Again, it was fun to watch them. They were truly enjoying themselves.

Anyways, I must get going to get myself ready for the finals. I am excited for a fun afternoon of soccer!

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