Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Drug and sex irresponsibility"

Last week I wrote up a little form for the boys to fill out so we can get to know them better. I actually wanted to put the information on their website so that people could actually feel more connected to them and so they can see themselves on the web. They think they are pretty big stuff now that they have their own website. They have started sharing it with their friends and family (so now I am a bit more careful what I put up on it.)

Anyways, that was the purpose of getting them to fill out these forms. However, now that we have received about half of them back, I am not so sure I will be exposing their lives to the world. As I sat and read through them, my heart was breaking. These boys have SO many needs. I am just going to share a few of their responses with you without naming the boys.

Tell us about your life:

"After I finished primary school, my father died and my mother couldn't take me to school. I now have a small business that helps me eat something small" - 21 years old never gone to high school

"I do sell bananas at around market at least to earn a daily bread, even though it gets more tougher to get even a single cents by you just keep more effort due to a day God will answer"

"I sat for KCPE in 2005." KCPE is an exam in gr 8. This was the last schooling this boy has had. He is now 21 years old.

"Am a married man with a lovely boy" I was unaware some of the boys were even married and had kids. We have a few married ones

"My dad is the sole bread winner in my family. Life has not been smooth to me"

Why is football important to you?

" I get to know many places in the country because of it"

"It is my talent and keeps me physically fit"

"It occupies my time which other uses it in irresponsible acts" 

"It keeps me away from drugs and sex irresponsibility"

What are your dreams/goals for the future?

"To be a professional soccer player" - This was the response for more than half of the boys.

"I want to continue with studies, have a nice job and kick start progress in my poor family" 

"Develop my career and hopefully come through and be an inspiration for the kenyans youth."

"My ambition is to be a mechanic" 

"To have a better life so I can help the needy" 

As you can see our boys have tough lives and big dreams. I am so proud of their responses that talk about soccer keeping them out of destructive habits. This was one of our main goals for them team. I am also inspired that these boys want to inspire more Kenyan youth and be good examples in their communities.

We are sifting through the papers and praying over how we can help them out. We have identified a few that we would like to assist as soon as possible. I will be heading to some locals schools to look into programs (and costs) for these boys praying that God will open up a way to help these boys get closer to achieving their goals.

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