Saturday, March 19, 2011

Highlights of the last 24 hours

I woke up this morning so happy and joyful with what is happening in my life. It's the small things that are blessing me in big ways. So here are just a few of the things that are making me smile and laugh with joy: 


Some of you may remember Anthony from 3 years ago. For those of you who don't know, I will explain. I was working in a mission hospital in Kenya in 2008. During my time there, I was asked to help teach 3 precious children who had been brutally burned in an act of ethnic violence during the post-election violence. They were seeking refuge in a church when members of another tribe locked them in and lit the church on fire. These 3 children were lucky to get out alive. More than 50 people died in that fire. It made international headlines. These children were brought to the hospital for treatment and refuge. THey had been there 8 months when I met them and their studies were falling behind terribly. I was appointed their mwalimu (teacher). I spent my days going through their books and trying to catch them up. In the process I fell completely, head-over-heels in love with these children. I couldn't get enough of them! I would spend my entire days with them, come home exhausted, and then wake up so early and anxious to see them.

After some time, we were able to put them in a local school. That was the last time I saw them. We communicated for a while then it died off. Eventually they went to the US to get treatment and they have been there ever since. 

However, my mother emailed me this morning just to say that she got a phone call from Anthony last night!! I guess they had my canadian number. Anthony got his own cell phone and I was one of the first people he decided to call! My mother was so blessed. I think it really touched her to actually talk to a person that I made an impact on in Kenya. Now I have his number and email and look forward to contacting him soon!

Me and Anthony in 2008

Rehma Football League

Our league officially started yesterday. We were there just as the game was getting started and the crowd was beginning to build. So cool to see so many people come together for this event. Community indeed.

We have spent time (and money) trying to get the field somewhat decent to play. We had to dig out rocks, paint the goal posts and draw the boundaries. The pitch is not very long and it is uneven as there is actually a house petruding into the field so we had to work around it. As you can see, the net is held up by sticks and the pitch is completely dirt. This is the best we got. It's a great improvement.

The first two teams lining up ready to play!

We displayed the prizes just so everyone could see what they were playing for. As the prizes came out of the bags, people gasped. They are very nice! They boys showed here are part of the committee we formed for the tournament and they have been a huge part of making it happen.

And here we are. Kelvin and I! We stood along the sidelines just watching everything happen. We are so proud of the people we are working with for all the work they are doing. We are so happy for the teams and the community. Can't wait to see the upcoming games. The Rehma boys play their first match today!


This was definitely a highlight of my day when Kelvin surprised me with this sweet, coastal treat. It is dried mango covered in some sort of red, sugar that has a little kick to it. It is delicious and cheap! I have been munchin' on it all day. 

So just a few wonderful things to be thankful for this day!

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