Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Market day

I went to the fruit and veggie market this morning and this is what I bought for less than $10:

- 3 cucumbers
- 2 mini zucchinis
- 4 green peppers
- 3 red peppers (this was a great find since red peppers are hard to find except in supermarkets where they are imported and expensive)
- 2 watermelons
- 4 apple mangoes
- 10 potatoes
- 1 pineapple
- 5 bananas
- 15 tomatoes

did I mention that all this combined cost less than $10??!! I love it here.

I am now at home (after taking a much needed nap because the power went out last night which means no fan which means extra heat and no sleep for me) and ready to try make some sort of greek salad and fruit salad and maybe some other sort of roasted veggies. Gotta love markets.

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