Friday, March 18, 2011

White/black husband update

I guess I had some of the information wrong about a friend who was marrying her black boyfriend even though she already has a white husband (which I talked about in a previous post). My roommate ran into her in a matatu the other day and she clarified a few things. I guess that she is not legally married to the white man. He was just her boyfriend. More of a convenient relationship than anything else. I guess they were having some issues and he ended up giving her his blessing to marry this black boyfriend. He did say that he would continue to support the couple with no strings attached. (interesting?). However, she explained that her black boyfriend is actually married to an old white woman! Yet another twist in this already twisted story. I guess he married an old European woman. She went home and fell ill. She is no longer able to travel. He is technically still married but the only way for them to divorce is for him to go to Europe(which immigration won't let him do). Sounds like a pickle? Well, not really. The white lady agreed to 'separate' and gave him her blessing to marry his kenyan girlfriend. Even she agreed to support the couple!

So indeed the story is twisted but not as twisted as I had originally thought. 

My heart has been really heavy lately watching these types of situations around me. The apartment building I live in is full of young party girls who find so much pleasure in drinking from noon and entertaining men all day. We are not sure if the are prostitutes or what they really do but its not easy to watch especially since my living room window is right where all the action goes down. I sit and pray for them from my house. 

Pray for me. I so desire to reach out to these girls but taking the first steps to do that has been difficult. I am also cautious because they live so close to me that I still want to have boundaries. I do not want them knocking at my door all day long wanting to visit. Pray for me to find a way to create relationships with boundaries and introduce to them encouragement and loving support to step out of their destructive lifestyles. 

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