Sunday, March 27, 2011

Oh how I miss the luxuries of home....

It's days like today when I miss Canada. Maybe not so much the country, but the luxuries that I am so accustomed too. Things like vacuum cleaners, microwaves, deep freezers, dish washers, and washing machines and tumble dryers. I miss clean water, swiffers, good electrical plugs, toilets that flush properly and don't leak, hot water, cleaning agents, and windows that close properly.  I miss quality things. Things that are quality made, that don't break or rip or tear easily. Things that don't need to be replaced every few months.

Today I woke up to ants eating every tiny crumb I didn't clean up last night. I found cockroaches on the floor and spiders on the wall. My water filter is broken and I am not sure if it is actually doing it's job. My freezer only freezes half of my things and the other have is thawed plus the door of it doesn't even open because it has collected so much ice. My bathroom stunk for no reason at all. I cleaned it last night but it had some sewer smell plus the toilet handle keep leaking water. My new couches are slowly being torn up because they are cheap and not made very well plus there are termites eating the wood inside the couch and leaving little wood chips all over the floor. I spent the afternoon wiping all the windows that collect a thick layer of dust every few days. My light in the kitchen doesn't work after the light in my bedroom blew up a few days ago. There is a large crack in the middle of my front door because it was so poorly made and it is now letting in all the mosquitoes. I found all the mosquitoes hiding in  my clothes. I don't understand where they come from as we have netting on all the windows in our house. It must be the crack in the door that is letting them in. My roommate's bed broke the other night; the wood literally snapped in half. And this was only today!!

Oy, I am craving some luxuries of home right about now.

I am off to cook my half frozen meat in the dark....

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