Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wonderful Day

Here are a few reasons why today was just simply wonderful:

  • A great devotion with God. He is a God of amazing grace, compassion, and mercy
  • A semi-quiet morning. My neighbours decided not to blast the music for too long this morning
  • A great breakfast: Cereal, Starbucks VIA coffee, and a juicy apple mango
  • Fun times with mr. opiyo
  • Running into old friends all day everywhere I went
  • The boys finally getting their new jerseys, socks, and cleats and watching them as they test them out on the field 
  • Making some awesome plans for the Rehma boys and their community 
  • Mama's cooking cheap, yummy snacks on the side of the road 
  • Cold showers (the heat is incredible. you stand still and sweat profusely)
  • A cold breeze here and there 
  • Skype with my daddy 
  • My cute little apartment 
  • The incredible, sometimes hard to fathom, sense of community you can find in Africa 
  • unlimited running water!
  • cheap, cold drinks all day long 
  • Watching the boys bond on the field and seeing how amazing they look in their new gear 
  • Finding that inexpressible joy in the smallest moments 
  • Another delicious, juicy apple mango just before bed (they are in season right now) 
All in all, it was an incredible. Thank you God! 

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