Friday, March 4, 2011

This is why I love Kenya

My time in Ilula was fantastic (as always). I stayed much shorter than I thought I would. I actually was excited to get back to Mombasa and continue working there. My few days in Ilula were just what I needed to clear my head and fall in love with this place all over again. The people, the smells, the landscape, the food, the songs, the singing, the dancing, the cows, the sun, the dirt roads, etc. So wonderful. 

Here are some pics of my days there. I had an incredible time catching up with kids and staff there. They bring such joy to my life. 

Mercy and Me. She has been a precious friend to me over the last 5 years. She has such a tender and joyful heart. She loves the Lord with all that is in her. 

I was fortunate to be able to see the boys who had gone to high school because they had come home for half term. I was so impressed with how mature, responsible, and handsome they have become. 

We celebrated birthdays while I was there. They usually celebrate birthdays each month for the kids in that month. This was so cute to see the little ones right up front waiting for a piece of delicious banana cake.

Apollo taking a big bite!

Lydia's smile.

My precious sponsor child Valentine. 

My tree! I planted it almost 2 years ago and it just keeps growing. 

The kids were all lined up waiting for the arrival of the bore hole drilling truck that they have been raising money for and praying for for 2 years now. 

Finally the convoy of drilling trucks arrived! It was quite emotional for everyone. They will be drilling a hold 120m into the ground to get unlimited, fresh, clean water. This will cut down huge costs for the property and they will be able to do some income generating agricultural projects as well. 

Baby Caleb. Only 6 months old. I just love his lion/sunshine hat.

I just loved this moment. This is Nixon and Eliud. Eliud is a shy, awkward, different kinda kid. He has never really fit in and has always been in the shadow of the other kids. He came up to Nixon, who is one of the parents at the children's home, and Nixon wrapped his arms around him and said with so much excitement and sincerity, "Hi Eliud! oh it is so good to see you. I love you so so much!" They hugged for about 5 minutes. Eliud walked away with this gigantic smile on his face. I am not sure he would get that kind of love if he wasn't in the children's home. I got teary-eyed standing there watching it all happen. 

 I am back in Mombasa and feeling so much better about what is happening in my life. I didn't get any straight answers from God about the big questions I had for him - well not yet at least. He just kept encouraging me to go day by day, step by step, in trusting Him and where He is leading me. He rarely gives us His big plans for us. Most of the time he shows us step by step. He lights the path in front of our feet but not in the distance. So I am in content in waiting on Him for now.

But things are moving along here in Mombasa. I am lovin my new place and all the work that is going into getting it all set up. Its a lot but its fun. Also spent the morning with my Kenyan colleagues discussing the plans for the Rehma boys and we are so excited about it! I will update more once we have set everything in place.

Thanks for your prayers this past week. They were heard.

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