Friday, March 18, 2011

Rehma Football League Starts today!

The first official game of the Rehma Football league will happen at 4:30pm today in Kongowea!

We are so excited for this event. This morning we spent some time praying over every detail and aspect of this league. We thanked God for opening doors, providing finances, and bringing along people in Kenya and Canada who are supporting us. We are not sure what God is going to do but we know that our labour is not in vain. We are already seeing the community coming together with such anticipation (to the point where we have appointed a security team and notified the local police just incase of something getting out of hand).

I will be posting occasional updates and pictures on my personal blog but will try put more frequent updates on the Rehma boys blog at

Unfortunately our boys will not be watching the game today. Their first game is tomorrow and we had originally planned to let them come watch the game today but many of them decided to skip practice yesterday to watch a game that was going on at another pitch. Their punishment was a full practice tonight instead of watching the first game. Although when we told them that, they didn't seem to disappointed. It seemed they were almost excited to get to practice. We must be doing something right if they crave to be at the pitch practicing with us.

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